Hi, I’m Wim Mees

+32 495 40 28 45
Lint – Belgium

official paperwork
I worked hard for


Teaching for secondary education
History / English / IT

Degree in social
and technical science

Graduated in 2002
@ Sint-Aloysiusinstituut Lier

Chief animator

Issued by Kena VZW

Hallo, ik spreek Nederlands
Bonjour, je parle français
Hello, I speak english
Hej, jag talar lite svenska












Work in progress

great places I
work(ed) hard at


Founder & designer

I am responsible for the management of my own design studio. I work as a freelancer for small business owners and larger firms. From websites to e-learnings, mostly design based work but often combined with process optimisation and/or pedagogical advise.

2000 – present
@ Design Studio Wim Mees
     formerly known as re:Design

Teacher & IT coordinator

I teach at a school for challenged youth were I also manage the entire IT department. It’s a fun and challenging combination were I can combine my people skills with my technical IT skills. This is where I got the expertise of teaching students, but also adult colleagues.

Communication expert

I did a temporary job as communication expert. My main job was to digitise and optimise this school’s processes like registration, external and internal communication, branding, etc… A very rewarding job since I noticed instant results of my job/optimisations.

2020 – 2022
@ Campus De Brug Vilvoorde

Freelance designer

This was my first job as a designer and I still work for this company as a freelancer. Mostly to design and set up WordPress websites but they also contact me for logo’s and brandings. A place where I can hit or miss, learn and develop as a person and a designer

2000 – present
@ CryptoNet

Hospitality host & senior VIP coordinator

After being a hospitality host for years myself I was in charge of a team of hosts who had to receive and serve VIP guests at different concerts and events. Making sure the night went without incidents and everybody left happy was my main focus/job.

2009 – 2014
@ Antwerps Sportpaleis

Various student jobs

From the moment I was allowed I worked for my money. From baking burgers to selling computers and mobile phones. During my school holidays I worked as a volunteer and animator at KENA camps. All my bosses described me as loyal, trustworthy and ambitious. They usually offered me a permanent job but I was chasing my Teacher/Designer dream!

1999 – 2002 / Chef & waiter
@ Quick Lier

2002 – 2006 / Salesperson
@ Vandenborre Antwerp

1998 – 2014 / Organisation, coaching and logistic support of sports & play camps for youth
@ Kena VZW

things that excite
or relax me



Traveling the world is my favorite thing. It inspires me, makes me happy and makes me better as a person.


Nothing better dan watching a good show or movie after a hard day’s work. Together with my dog on the couch.

Escape games

The joy of solving puzzles with a team, the thrill of escaping in time, the binding chat afterwards. I love escape games.

Tech & science

From smartphones to rockets, from computers to black holes. I can talk/learn hours about new tech and science. 


I’m all about privacy and consent. I love to look for ways to combine my love for technology with respect for people’s privacy.

Friends & family

Belonging… I enjoy being around people I like and share stories, learn from eachother, laugh and dream together.

things that define
my character

personal skills


I like to talk (a lot) offline. Connect with people in real life and bring teams and colleagues (back) together. Social media? Not so much…


I like to create… There’s nothing more satisfying than starting with an empty canvas and bring to life what’s in your mind of the mind of a client.

Eager to learn

When I dedicate myself to something I want to learn as fast as I can. New software, company details, languages, people… I’m an advocate for lifelong learning.

Self critical

I challenge myself and I’m a perfectionist. It took me a few years to get it under control but now I see it as one of my most valuable skills. I also thrive on constructive feedback.


I’m a good listener and when I say I’ll do something I’ll do it. If I have to say something I’ll say it to the people involved. Not blunt, I just prefer skipping the gossip train.


I know it’s not very original, but it’s important right? I’m the guy that arrives one minute early on a meeting. I’m the guy that calls or mails if a deadline can’t be met.

things that make me
great at my job

technical skills

Adobe Creative Cloud

My go to software for years. Although I know my way around in apps like Figma and Sketch, I feel most comfortable in the Adobe Suite.

Microsoft 365 - Office

For most of my office based project I use the Microsoft 365 suite or the Apple counterparts. I’m very skilled in Powerpoint for E- learnings.

Web development

Besides wireframes and UI/UX designs I regurarly makes entire websites. Since I don’t know how to code (Besides some basic HTML & CSS) I create websites using WordPress and the amazing Divi Template.

Can't find the skill you need?

During my years of experience I worked for different clients and employers, all with their own needs and software preferences. I used so many apps it’s hard to list them all, so I decided to focus on the ‘big names’. Obviously I am more than willing to follow extra (software) trainings or prepare for a role or project that excites me.

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Wim Mees commv

Noordeind 105
2920 Kalmthout

BTW - BE 0793970833

IBAN - BE96 7340 6598 8705