A good designer finds an elegant way to put everything you need on a page. A great designer convinces you half that shit is unnecessary.

– Mike Monteiro

about me

Hi, I’m Wim

I am a dedicated minimalist. Not only in life, but also in my work. I strongly believe that ‘less is more’… If you need someone to ‘design’ what’s in your head, there are a lot of (free) (online) tools to do so. If you need someone to elevate your vision to new heights and combine it with years of experience… I’m your guy! No-nonsense, honest, transparent and with a lot of (sarcastic) humor.

services & works

Feel free to contact me if you need:

a well designed website or webshop that focusses on user experience

A website or webshop is a must-have for every modern company. With social media polluting trustworthy information on the internet, people are increasingly looking for a centralised and trustworthy place to find information about a company or service.

verbindend leven

A sideproject for an awesome client on a budget. An amazing journey with one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. Together with the talented people over at CryptoNet we provided this client with a website, blog and user-friendly webshop.

a pixel-perfect (re)designed logo or a complete brand identity

I’ll (re)design your entire logo and/or brand identity. Making it modern, timeless and ready for different types of media. These days logos should be simple and memorable. Opposed to a lot of free tools I try to create logos and brand identities with a story, not some random generated icon with your name slapped on.


The complete rebranding I did for these accountants was an amazing journey. I designed their logo, website and thanks to my mockups the client saw a lot of opportunities for their branding. Thanks for trusting me with your rebranding accratio!

a responsive design for all the challenges different screen sizes bring

There are so many screens these days and every ‘screen’ brings it’s own challenges and limitations. By designing flexible and responsive we can tackle most of these issues. User experience plays a big part in designing for different screens too.


A project very close to my heart. Not only did I make this app with some of my best friends, I also see it as my lifelong sandbox to try out new apps and design techniques. It has always been a big inspiration for all the other things I do in my carreer.

a well designed and balanced e-learning that combines interaction with education

An e-learning should be more than a teacher recording a lesson. E-learnings should be engaging and fun, but also informative and challenging. That being said, design should not be forgotten in this equation. Minimalism is key!

partena professional

For my first official freelance job I joined the Partena Professional crew to design engaging and good looking e-learnings. Taking the team on a trip to minimal design with a theoretical and practical workshop. Great experience!


Reach out and say hello

I decided to delete my social media accounts a long time ago. What you might want to know about me: I truly enjoy walks with my dog, spending time with my friends & family, travelling the world and watching a good show or movie. Would you like to connect, instead of scrolling through the details of my everyday life? Let’s grab a coffee and we’ll have a deep, meaningful conversation about the things that excite, scare and inspire us…


I occasionally use Linkedin as a freelancer to get in contact with companies. Don’t expect me to be an ‘influencer’ but feel free to reach out or connect to talk about interesting opportunities.

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